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Mom is buying a house and the inspector noted that the water heater vent above roof length was not above the minimum of 12". The house was built in 2003 and is in California. I think it makes sense to ask for it to be fixed if building code in 2003 said it needed to be more than 12". If not, than I don't think it makes sense to ask for that as a fix. Does that make sense? Is there an official online building code place that we can check to see what the building code in California was when the place was built? Greg
Category: Plumber Post By: CARL PHILLIPS (Bartlett, TN), 08/06/2017

Any inspector worth their weight should know current codes. If he wrote up a concern, that should be good enough to make sure it is fixed correctly. Looks like the specs are on page # 14. Happy reading.

- CLAUDIA GRAVES (Lauderhill, FL), 09/09/2017

making sure the base of the ladder is away from the building 25% of the vertical height. and is sticking ABOVE the roof a 3' . crawl your happy self, up on da roof. take the cap off of the vent. crawl down, observing any and all safety guidelines, wearing your PPE, and having a spotter ready and watching take the cap with you to a PLUMBING SUPPLY NOT to the pimple faced 16 year old kid at blowes or ho-depot tell the guy you want a 12'' vent pipe that matches this cap. let him look at the cap. he needs to know if it is amerivent or other type.. take the vent home. crawl BACK up on the roof,,,observing all safety precautions and wearing your PPE . install the newly required 12'' section of duct and the cap go inside and announce to facebook what you just did

- DON AUSTIN (Manassas, VA), 09/25/2017

Frodo, you failed to make sure this member buckled his seat belt in his car and to not text and drive!

- IRENE WATSON (Carrollton, TX), 09/27/2017

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