Forum Title: Toilet Gurgle- Any tips to determine cause?
I am a new home owner (just over 1 year) and have been having a terrible time with my new house. It is a 1950s built townhouse (with recent upgrades), middle unit, and so far has leaked like a sieve and had plumbing issues among others. I am hoping to get some insight into a ‘toilet gurgle’. After reading through many boards, I am hoping to get some tips for determining whether this is a clogged drain, or venting issue. We have a second floor bathroom, and a basement bathroom. We have a washing machine and stationary tub in the basement as well. When the washing machine empties water into the stationary tub, or the upstairs shower runs, the basement toilet bubbles- it is the lowest drain point in the house. Today the water was pulled further down into the trap and there was very little water left in the bowl. The 2nd floor shower and sink drain poorly, and have for a few months (we neglected to fix this as we had some medical emergencies and house maintenance fell off the list). Is there a way to determine if it is due to a drain clog or a venting issue? As I mentioned we had medical issues, and so very high bills, and really can’t afford a plumber unless its dire. I am hoping that with the help of a handy relative, I can at least figure out where the problem is. I also own a residential hand snake, but for this situation am not sure where to check for clogs. Any tips are much appreciated, thanks all.
Category: Plumber Post By: CHARLOTTE FRANKLIN (Murray, UT), 08/19/2017

Plain and simple you have a partially clogged drain. Have it cleared.

- MAUREEN BENSON (Concord, CA), 09/14/2017

have your sewer professionally rodded/cleaned out you have a partial stoppage

- MILDRED COOK (Eau Claire, WI), 09/15/2017

Hi Frodo- when you say sewer, what specifically are you referring to? And how should a plumber clean it, so I know that what they tell me they plan to do is on par. Appreciate the advice, just trying to fully understand. I see you have a lot of knowledge and experience, thank you for taking the time to answer.

- TONYA BECKER (Jacksonville, FL), 09/16/2017

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