Forum Title: Source of this water in foundation?
Hi all just moved into our first single family house a couple days ago and we started noticing some pooling of water in the basement after we run water for extended periods such as showers, washing machine, etc The water is coming out of capped pipes that are in the foundation floor. Anyone know what these are and what function they perform? I have attached the pictures. Also, there appears to be a slow drip from the sewer line that goes into the foundation and I am assuming this can't be good. The pooling water is clear so not sure if this is a sewer issue? Any ideas or assistance is much appreciated!
Category: Plumber Post By: JAMIE LYONS (Pinellas Park, FL), 03/09/2017

Thanks for the quick reply. No, I don't plan on having a bathroom in the basement. The house was originally built in 1900 and don't think there was a bathroom down there in the past. The house was completely renovated last year with all new PVC plumbing but obviously they did not replace the cast iron main sewer line. I will get someone out to tighten those caps, quote a new PVC sewer line and check to see if there is any blockage. Thanks for the help!

- MAE HARMON (San Antonio, TX), 09/22/2017

looks like you had a bthroom there at one time. those are test caps, someone used as caps. try and tighten them up. having water come out of them is an indication you have a partially blocked sewer. before it gets worse,, do 2 things, have a camera run down it to access condition, and have it cleaned out looks to be old cast iron,,,not good, they might be rotted do you want to put the old bathroom back? if not, permintly plug and cover with concrete last picture, appears to be a lead joint leaking, i would cut all that bs out of there and replace with pvc

- PENNY ACOSTA (Waterloo, IA), 10/01/2017

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