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We currently bought a home and it has drop in sink on granite countertop. We are replacing the whole countertop and also putting in an undermount sink. As I look more into the plumbing I am concerned and lost on how to determine the correct sink depth I can put in. I am attaching some pictures. The current drop in sink is 6.5" deep with a disposer (Insinkerator evolution). In the current setup, the top of the drain pipe is around 14.5" below the granite base. So in my understanding for new installation I should have Sink Depth + Garbage disposer drain depth (let us call this D_installation) <= 14.5. I understand that D_installation should be as low as possible, but in extreme cases if it is close to 14.5" it will still drain. Is this correct assumption? In case I cannot find a sink that meets this requirement, I want to get the opinion of experts here on how they think the plumbing behind the drywall is. In the pic you can see where the drain enters drywall. Around 6" below there is a clean out plug. So I think the way the plumbing is as shown in the schematic attached. Do you think the drain is tee'd into a vertical sewer line? If so I can cut the drywall and drop whole drain assembly a couple of inches down. I need your advice on what you think is the plumbing behind the wall before I tear up the drywall.
Category: Plumber Post By: ALEXANDER HARVEY (Mansfield, TX), 09/07/2016

Are you planning to re-use that disposal? If so, be careful with the snap ring. When re-installing the unit, you have to put something on top of the flange in the sink to hold it down (or have someone press down on it for you), and hold things out of the way while simultaneously pulling the snap ring open (gently) just enough to get it to snap into place. I say you need to do it gently because the damn ring can bend and be ruined. The part itself is about 0.36cents to 0.50 cents but the shipping is $10 to $15. You can cut the drywall and lower where the horizontal pipes meet the vertical pipe (I think maybe so long as they are still above the 17 mark). I can't help but notice the electrical outlet under there-- is that a GFCI outlet? It doesn't look like it from here, but I could be mistaken. If it is NOT, then you need to replace it with a GFCI outlet. I guess your homework assignment is to measure the height of where the pipes go into the wall from the floor (not the bottom of the cabinet-- but the actual floor). Frodo, is the 17 from floor a code requirement? I can't seem to recall.

- GARY LEWIS (Stamford, CT), 09/25/2017

what is the current height of the center of the drain pipe from the floor? 17 or less,,you should be fine. one thing i did notice, your dishwasher drain hose, attach it to the bottom of the sink, to one of the sink clips. to drain correctly and so food will not back up into the dishwasher it needs to be looped up also... Double KUDO's on the Fire extinguisher

- GEORGE MOORE (Muncie, IN), 10/06/2017

? to figure out the exact height of drain you need to know the model disposal you are using you need the drain opening measurement on the disposal you need to know the height of the pipe coming out of the wall from floor to center you need to know the top of cabinet measurment you need to know what sink you want, need the bowl debth i usually rough in my drains at 17'' floor to center, handles just about any situation

- NELSON MARQUEZ (Memphis, TN), 10/10/2017

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