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Regardless of what the underground pipes are made of, the water passing through them can freeze and then expand causing excessive pressure that blocks or breaks the line. It is common for even a small leak to pour hundreds of gallons of water into a basement or ground-floor room.

Pipe and drain cleaning services

Old trees have substantial roots, which can mean trouble for underground pipes. Roots gravitate to nutrient-rich sewer lines and, if not kept in check, may eventually destroy them or at least put them under such pressure that their leaks will get out of control.
The best way to avoid having to rip and replace a building's pipes is to get a team of plumbers to perform a regular cleanout of any drains or pipes that could be vulnerable to damage. These plumbers can deal with clogs and blockages so that they cause as little trouble as possible.


When bush and tree roots reach down into the ground, they are attracted to sources of water and nutrients. Drainage lines are perfect targets and get inundated with roots that start to overrun the system. Small hair-like roots actually reach inside of pipes and can cause damage. To alleviate this problem, simply pour a destroyer down the drain once or twice a year to retard the growth of roots without hurting the plant.

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